Recommended Books

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them”

The habit that changed my life: Reading! Here is a list of recommended books I’ve read and why. I also recommend using an Ebook like Kindle, as you can download a short version of the book before buying it 😉


  • The Blue Zones – Dan Buettner: Tips from the most longeves populations in the world.
  • The 4 hour Body – Tim Ferris : Explains the basis of nutrition and exercise, doing the least changes possible and experimenting by himself
  • Sport Nutrition- Asker Jeukendrup: Manual for understanding the human body physiology.
  • Lies my Doctor Tolde me- Dr. Ken Berry – Medical Myths That can harm your health or that you are already suffering from; A MUST in this list!

“Miss a meal, but dont miss your reading”

Jim Rohn


  • Tribe of mentors – Tim Ferris: Useful tips from world class performers to apply in our lifes.
  • Awaken the Giant within – Tony Robbins: How to take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical, and financial destiny.
  • Atomic Habits – James Clear: How to create new good habits; how to dissolve old bad habits.
  • The 4 hour work week – Tim Ferris: Experience and tips from on of the firsts digital nomads 20 years ago.
  • How to stop worrying and start living – Dale Carnegie: Written 100 years ago, gives an easy and simple approach to solve our problems and avoid stress.
  • Mans search for a meaning – Victor Frankl: The life of a prisoner in the concentration camps in WW2.
  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho: Fiction story of the eternal power of chasing our dreams. “When you want something, the whole universe conspires in your benefit”


  • Encambio – Estanislao Bachrach: Introduction to Neuroscience. Explains why it’s so difficult to change our life; first we need to understand our brain.
  • The hungry brain – Stephan J. Guyenet: Neuroscience behind the food industry and the impact it has on obesity.


  • A New Earth now – Eckhart Tolle: Shows how the ego acts in our modern world. A new world is possible for those ones who are awaken and have no ego.
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Deepak Chopra : A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
  • The inner compass – Alex Rovira:  practical tools which make us use the inner power that guides our lives.
  • Buddhism Plain and simple – Steve Hagen: Easy and simple introduction to buddhism.
  • Inner Engineering – Sadhguru: A yogi´s guide to joy.


  • The Daily Stoic – Ryan Holiday: 366 short stoic reflexions, to put ourselves on a proper mindset to face the day.
  • The obstacle is the way – Ryan Holiday: How to turn any difficult situation into something positive (Note: I read this book while I broke my arm, the Covid19 started and found the opportunity to launch this website ) .
  • Invicto – Marcos Vasquez: Recopilation of stoic principles applied to our modern lifestyles.
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