Health Programs for Companies

Increase your employees energy levels today!

The quality of your employees determine the quality of your business!

Your employees are the life force that drive your business. A healthy employee can increase your company productivity.  A company’s success is granted by promoting their employees health in a holistic approach, focusing on a body-mind-soul connection towards an optimal health. This will lead them to physical health,  mental tranquility and professional growth.

Recent studies showed that healthy employees are more productive, don’t get sick and don’t miss work days, develop a team mindset and want to work for longer periods in the same company!

The end result is a win- win approach, making every member of the company better!

Group Talks via Zoom/On person

  • Weekly/ Monthly
  • Nutritional guidelines
  • Mental wellness advice
  • Yoga & meditation sessions
  • Cooking tips & recipes

One on one sessions

  • Interviews & private meetings (30-45 mins)
  • Customized advice and follow up
  • Individualized meal plannings, workout routines and distressing techniques

Chat support 24/7

  • If any questions or concerns about the topics discussed previously
  • Help when buying at the supermarket
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